About Us

I II CONCEPT is a multifaceted design consultancy; we design: Retails, F&B, Residential, Office and Exhibition.
Our design philosophy is to deliver bespoke design with balance of aesthetics and functions. With our professional design team, I II CONCEPT is strong at retail solutions, chain development and design management.

We also have our in-house graphic design, project management team and construction support to provide well rounded services to our clients.


本公司的宗旨是在設計中平衡功能與美感。我們最擅長為顧客提供專屬與訂造的商業設計方案、連鎖店面發展,以及各類設計管理。 我們擁有自己的平面設計、項目管理、專屬工程支援團隊,以為顧客們提供最完善的服務